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We speak English! Wir sprechen deutsch! Hablamos español! Do you want to be a one-day explorer? Where can I find my ultimate sleeping experience? How do I get from A to B? I know I am going to visit Costa Rica, but that’s about it. HELP! I have some days left! Any ideas? Get the Best Customized Vacation From Travel Experts in Costa Rica

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Gecko Trail for your perfect Costa Rica Vacation

Gecko Trail Costa Rica can arrange your whole Costa Rica vacation for you. Let us take care of your complete trip planning. We make sure to include the right amount of nights at the beach plus some of our other favourite sights and activities in Costa Rica. Whether it is for your honeymoon, a family vacation or  just a getaway on your own or with friends, we will have the perfect customized package for you!

Multi-day packages include transportation, hotel and activities. Below are some of our special itineraries we have worked out for you. Based on these ideas and your input we will set up a customized package that exactly meets your needs!


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Perfecting Your Trips to Costa Rica with Trip Planning Tools

Knowing what lies ahead can make vacations an enjoyable experience, especially when you use the Costa Rica Trip Planner tool of Gecko Trail to help you define the type of trips to Costa Rica you want to take. Local staff members will put together a unique plan based on your personal preferences, age, sense of adventure, and even sightseeing tastes. When traveling in Costa Rica, the effort of finding out which days are best suited for a nature reserve, or where you will find a piece of local culture amid the tourist traps is exhausting at best and a surefire way to remove any fun from your vacation to Costa Rica.

Instead, let local travel experts stay up to date on Costa Rica travel advisory warnings, the best weather for outdoor fun, and more. Most people, that do a tour of Costa Rica, visit the same top attractions, but that does not mean there are not unique ways to enjoy each of them. Professional guides can put together customized trips based on the type of trip you want. If you want family fun, let Gecko Trail arrange kid friendly tours. If you prefer a bilingual romantic excursion to try and test your Spanish skills, let Gecko Trail find group tours in Costa Rica or arrange museum trips with Spanish and English guides. Mixing and matching the top attractions, you can enjoy indoor activities on days when the weather is not your friend, and outdoor trips when the sun is shining. Get a taste for local culture and cuisine with a smattering of Tico cultural trips thrown into your itinerary.

When vacationing in Costa Rica what to do should be the last thing on your mind. Instead, let your trip be planned for you, with surprises around every corner. In doing so, you will soon discover that your vacation in Costa Rica will be the most unique out there.

Horseback Riding Costa Rica

Gecko Trail’s Favored Costa Rica Destinations

If you are unsure which tours to Costa Rica to take first, consider visiting some of Gecko Trail’s favorite things to see in Costa Rica. Gecko Trail offers a tour for many places that are among the most popular tourist destinations. Ecotourism in Costa Rica is everywhere. Opportunities abound for Cahuita boat, snorkel, and hiking trips that embody the best the outdoors has to offer. Good travel tips for Costa Rica tours like this are to wear layers and good hiking shoes.

Enjoy your vacation and snorkel among the stingrays and coral reefs, hike through the coastal forest where dart frogs and iguanas abound. Of course, ecotourism in Costa Rica does not stop there. You can take a trip to Cahuita National Park, hiking the mountainous paths that wind their way to the top. Considered one of the most beautiful parks in the country, it is also the oldest. Here you will find coconut palms, protected coral reef, white sand beaches and a turquoise ocean. You can arrange Costa Rica trips to see the animal rescue center where jaguars abound, the chocolate lady cacao fields and waterfall. You will see why this is among the top Costa Rica places to visit when you stand among the monkeys, sloths, wildcats, and snakes. Enjoy the show and learn how indigenous families grow cacao and make the chocolate bars you eat.

Deciding what to do in Costa Rica next is as simple as a trip to the hot springs. The Arenal Volcano tour takes you on a hike up the Toucans trail, traversing rainforests and crossing lava flow. At the bottom of the volcano you will find a handful of famous Arenal hot springs including Los Lagos, Baldi Hot Springs, or Ecotermales, each boasting different temperatures and buffet dinners after your day of relaxation. On the list of things to see in Costa Rica also is a trip to the Uatsi Waterfall and the indigenous reservation. The Sixoala River constitutes the border between Costa Rica and Panama, one of many things you will see on this tour. Listed among the top Costa Rica destinations, you will see where organic, indigenous chocolate is made.

Planning Trip Volcano CR

Adventures in Costa Rica: See the Best Things Costa Rica has to Offer

Figuring out what to do in Costa Rica is easy when you visit the best adventures in the country. Gecko Trail offers tours of Costa Rica for some of the most adventurous sights in the country. Tortuguero National Park is a famous turtle breeding ground, a habitat for a handful of marine turtle species. Known for its rivers and stunning lagoons, the voTortuguero park is famous for housing the endangered West Indian manatees.

Among the other Costa Rica activities in which you should partake is the Caribbean canopy and zipline tour. With this tour you get to fly across 2,500 meters of cable, soaring over the Costa Rica jungle. Ten aerial platforms and twelve land based platforms offer a bird’s eye view of Costa Rica. When you are done, rappel down to the ground or jump head first. Finally, hike among the forest and discover local flora and fauna. When booking your adventures in Costa Rica, make sure to book a river and sea kayaking trip with a rainforest hike. Starting at the most beautiful beach, Punta Uva, you get to take a kayaking journey through cliffs, saves, and rainforest. Then you head up river where you get to see colorful birds, bats, river turtles, sloths, monkeys, and more resting in their natural environment.

Finally, you get to head back to the beach for a hike to Grape Point. If you want to see the best rainforest in Costa Rica then stop by Pacuare River for a day. This river is where you can go white water rafting, flanked by steep green jungle walls and cascading waterfalls. Rainforests wrap around you nearly the entire time, until you reach the famous Pacuare River Gorge, consisting of five miles of rapids and a 150 foot drop. A Rio Celeste full day tour opens your eyes to one of the great mysteries of Costa Rica. Visit Los Teñederos Lagoon, located in Tenorio National Park where there are thermal mud puddles. Watch the volcanic fumaroles eject steam into the air. Finally, stop by the waterfall and let the spray cool you down.

Hanging Bridge Plan Trip CR

Respecting Mother Nature: Costa Rica Ecotourism Trips

Gecko Trail offers Ecotourism tours in Costa Rica, a place where nature itself represents some of the most popular attractions. Costa Rica ecotourism embodies some of the best sights the country has to offer. Working with the local community in a sustainable fashion, you can make excursions to see the top beaches, nature reserves, and waterfalls unique to this part of the world. With Costa Rica tour companies like Gecko Trail, you can see one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. Among the tourist attractions are twenty natural parks, eight biological reserves, and other protected outdoor areas complete with bird watching tours, horseback riding, hiking, and cloud forests. A trip to some of these natural parks reveals world famous sea turtle nesting. Visits to the natural canals that crisscross these reserves offer chances to see otters, manatees, and crocodiles. Sightseeing highlights include canopy tours, bird watching tours, and an aerial tram through the rainforest.

The Best Places to See in Costa Rica: Most Popular Tourist Sights

Tourist attractions in Costa Rica are unlike anywhere else in the world. Among the best places to see in Costa Rica, you will find the Corcovado National Park and Drake Bay, located on Osa Peninsula. Together these are some of the most biodiverse places in the world, internationally recognized hot spots for ecotourism.

If you want to enjoy more ecotourism in Costa Rica, Gecko Trail is there with trips to see one of the most popular attractions in the country, the Arenal Volcano National Park and La Fortuna. Formerly one of the most active volcanoes in the country, it is now a beautiful sight to behold especially in tandem with the nearby town of La Fortuna, located at the base of the volcano.

Costa Rica trips would not be complete without a stop at Playa Langosta, Playa Grande, and Tamarindo (in Guanacaste province), three of the most popular beaches renowned for their clear turquoise waters and pristine weather. Gecko Trail can arrange tours to visit these Costa Rica attractions and more. In fact, Gecko Trail offers tailored Costa Rica tours to every location in the country. If there is somewhere you want to see, just name it. Enjoy an array of wild birds alongside dense forest at Manuel Antonio National Park. Hike above the clouds, literally, at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, home to over three thousand animals and plants.

Customized Trips Costa Rica

Customized Trips to Costa Rica: Unique Excursions

1) Wildlife

When arranging your Costa Rica trips that capitalize upon the wildlife Costa Rica has to offer, create a wildlife trip. Start with the Parque Nacional Volcan Irazu, where you can enjoy a lagoon filled crater. Head to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve where you can take up bird watching early in the morning. Finish your day at La Paz Waterfall.

2) Family Fun

If you want family friendly excursions in Costa Rica, then book tandem ziplining and a canopy tour. Go snorkeling together underwater and watch nurse sharks and sea horses dance around each other. Go to the Jaguar Rescue Center. Visit the Ranario in Monteverde to look at frogs whose skin is toxic to the touch.

3) Romance

Romantic vacation packages for Costa Rica inclusive of a day at the Corcovado national Park and a barefoot walk along the Chiquita beach are truly romantic. Head over the cliff separating the two sides of Punta Uva and enjoy a view of the beautiful blue grotto. Chucaras Hot Springs Estate pairs well with the Arenal Volcano. Finally, stop by the Lankester Botanical Gardens.

4) Beach Fun

Start at the port city of Limon and enjoy surfing, snorkeling, sunbathing, and scuba diving. Head south where fishermen and dolphins can be spotted at Manzanillo, a good place to swim. Look for sand dollars at Playa Negra. Enjoy a picnic at Puerto Viejo, El Chino, and El Parquecito beaches. Fall under the spell of romance at Playa Chiquita. Finally, enjoy the best surf and sunsets around at Cocles Beach.

5) Adventures on the Coast

Knowing what to do in Costa Rica is simple when you plan beach vacations. Start your trip in Puerto Viejo de Limon and go horseback riding on the beach, zip lining through the jungle, and snorkeling among the coral reefs. Stop at Salsa Brava Beach to view a sunset like no other. Rent a bicycle and head off on a scenic ride to Manzanillo, then hike through the Chocolate Forest to see how the Bribri have been making their craft for thousands of years. Finish off your trip with the volcanic black sand at Playa Negra and the blue grotto of Punta Uva.