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Do you want your holiday to be exactly the way you always dreamt? No problem, we are the experts in tailor-made packages! Use our Costa Rica Trip Planner below to customize your Costa Rica vacation planning.


Gecko Trail Costa Rica stands for excellence in service to the gay and lesbian (LGBT) community.

If you are looking for excitement and an alternative experience in Central America’s most open and gay-friendly country, make Costa Rica your next destination. Over the years, more and more GLBTQ clients choose Gecko Trail Costa Rica to assist them with their travel needs and Costa Rica gay-friendly trip planning.

Travel As You Are

We go above and beyond to make sure you have the best holiday experience Costa Rica could offer! We are dedicated to provide an exciting and diverse travel experience and will offer you the opportunity to discover Costa Rica’s incredible variety of vacation destinations, based on your specific needs and interCosta Rica trip planner - couple_manuelantonioests.

GLBTQ-Owned Businesses

With our wide knowledge of Costa Rica’s gay community, we are able to assist you with your individual questions and concerns. Our constantly expanding network of gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses throughout Costa Rica provides the most up-to-date information regarding any issues and concerns our gay and lesbian visitors to Costa Rica may have.

GLBTQ Packages

We’ve prepared The Bi-Coastal: San Jose, Manuel Antonio, Arenal, and the Caribbean, specifically for the gay and lesbian traveler. This package includes the highlights of natural Costa Rica and gay hot spots. And we can customize any of our Costa Rica travel packages with gay owned or gay-friendly hotels.

All these packages are self-guided and can be booked here directly starting any date you like. If you prefer an even more individualized travel experience, we will be happy to create a customized itinerary better suited to your interests and expectations.


Recommended Packages for Gays and Lesbians


Costa Rica with Kids! Many of us here at Gecko Trail have kids. We have traveled with them all over Costa Rica and even the world. We have it down to an art!

Costa Rica is nature’s playground, which makes it an ideal travel destination for families of all ages. Whether your children enjoy high-adrenaline activities like zip line, surfing, and rafting, or prefer to take it easy on the beach or in the pool, Costa Rica provides a family-friendly getaway.

Outdoor Explorers

Costa Rica is a utopia for kids who like to be outside, and particularly those who love animals. This is a great opportunity for kids to see animals like sloths, monkeys, frogs, toucans, snakes and much more!

Our Experience is Your Benefit

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of Costa Rica and our experience traveling with our children, we are the experts in recommending the best hotels, tours and transportation services for families with all ages of children. While we offer several packages geared toward families, we are also happy to customize your family trip to Costa Rica based on personal needs and expectations.


Recommended Packages for Family Holidays


It can be a headache attempting to please everyone in a group when everyone has different tastes and budgets. Lucky for you, in Costa Rica, we are all about eliminating stress and enjoying life!

We are here to offer you the solution to your group travel needs: a single point of contact, expertise, assistance before and during your travel and best of all, an open ear for all the questions the group may have.

All of our packages are suitable for groups. As always, we are happy to create a customized package that will please all the members of your group. Please contact us directly for options and customized packages!

Drive and Sleep

Gecko Trail staff is currently designing Road Trip Packages for the website. If you are interested in this option, please contact our staff directly for a customized package.


Many couples like to travel together because nothing spells romance like exploring a new, exciting place with the one you love. If romance if what you seek on your vacation, Costa Rica is perfect for romantic vacations!

Stunning sunsets, breathtaking beaches, lush landscapes, misty mountains, sultry hot springs and the soothing sounds of nature create an Eden-like backdrop to an unforgettable getaway. Passion abounds in Central America’s natural masterpiece to provide an enchanting experience for all visitors. There is no limit to the number of activities that couples can enjoy together in Costa Rica.

Explore & Relax

The adrenaline rush from the many tours around the country will have your blood pumping. In fact, it will bring you and your partner closer together than ever before! However, if you and your partner aren’t feeling very adventurous and just hope to unwind, Costa Rica offers the ideal scenery and natural beauty to relax and take it easy.

Discover Romance

Long walks on the beaches of Costa Rica are second to none and the plethora of restaurants that offer outdoor dining will be sure to please all palates. Soak in the revitalizing waters of the hot springs or cool off in a refreshing natural pool beneath a cascading waterfall. There’s no shortage of romance in the land of Pura Vida!

Honeymoon Away

Costa Rica’s romantic ambiance bestows upon us a flawless setting for a honeymoon in Costa Rica or a wedding in Costa Rica. It is often ranked as one of the world’s top locations for both weddings and honeymoons, and this comes as no surprise to anyone who has visited this natural gem.

We have the expertise necessary to plan an extraordinary wedding or honeymoon. Contact us directly about the Costa Rica wedding packages that we offer and we are more than excited to make your special day/moment remarkable!


Recommended Romantic Holidays


Costa Rica is nature’s playground and as home to nearly 5% of the world’s biodiversity, the beauty here is unlike anywhere else in the world.

The flora and fauna of Costa Rica is truly impressive and even the most well-traveled visitors are left in awe of this small, yet gorgeous nation. Costa Rica is home to over 9,000 species of plant life ranging in every shape and color from your wildest imagination. When it comes to fauna, Costa Rica is king.

Wild Wildlife

With over 500,000 species of wildlife, Costa Rica is a nature lover’s dream. From monkeys, sloths, snakes, birds, lizards, dolphins, fish, coatis, frogs, anteaters and so much more, Costa Rica is the diverse homeland to many animals.

Adrenaline-Packed Adventures

Just like the diversity of flora and fauna, Costa Rica is also home to a wide variety of adrenaline-packed adventures. We are the original home of the zip line/canopy tour, after all! The tours in Costa Rica range from relaxing to extreme and everything in between.

For those who like to get their blood pumping, Costa Rica boasts whitewater rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, jungle hikes, boating, canyoning, horseback riding, sailing, mountain biking and much more. One thing is for certain; you will never get bored in Costa Rica!


Recommended Active Packages

Finding the Best Beaches Costa Rica with Geckotrail Trip Planner

When you are planning a trip to Costa Rica you can customize your beach adventures by simply filling out an online form. Let the local professionals scout the best place. With the Geckotrail trip planner, you can customize your next beach trip, finding the perfect beach for your vacation need. With the Costa Rica trip planner you can be shown all the best beaches in Costa Rica. Professionals at Geckotrail know all the best places to go.

The Banana Barge

If you are looking for something old and photogenic on your Costa Rica itinerary, stop by Playa Negra’s old banana barge, the mark for the entrance to Puerto Viejo, located just off shore. When you are done taking photos, climb up and dive into the water. Shopping, bars, and surf can all be found along the shoreline. Anything is possible.


So how to get around in Costa Rica in the best possible way? Combine several Costa Rica trips into one travel experience or have your trip tailored to your specific needs. It all starts with filling out the trip planner, laying out precisely what it is you want to do. From there, professionals can locate the beaches that meet your needs and have all the things you want to do.

We Build Your Trips

If you want to view white sandy beaches, trips can be put together taking you to Punta Uva. Arguably the most precious beach in the Caribbean, you can book countless activities here. Snorkel among the coral reef, or hiking among the rain forest canopy!

Grape Point

For the best beaches Costa Rica has to offer, fill out the Costa Rica trip planner. Select beach based tours, then enjoy days of individualized tours to places like Cocles Beach, known by the locals as “beach break.” It’s the most popular place for good surf and golden, sandy beaches.

Private Tours

Book Costa Rica private tours then enjoy a private trip on the north side of Grape Point where you get a small beach protected on both sides, perfect for learning to surf or snorkeling. Add a scuba tour to your Costa Rica itinerary. Take pirate style Costa Rica excursions, when you head to Cocles Beach, visiting the craggy rock just off shore where legend has it that pirates would bury their booty.

Adventure Is Out There

Adventure is Out There: Take a Tour of the Costa Rica Jungle and See

Adventure and nature go hand in hand in Costa Rica. Excursions in Costa Rica from Geckotrail let you see and do any activity the country has to offer. Even those tours not listed are easily booked, all you need to do is ask. Fill out the Costa Rica trip planner with the things you want to see and do, then sit back as local Costa Rica private tours are booked on your behalf.

Unforgettable Views

You can enjoy outdoor adventure as part of your Costa Rica itinerary when you head out to see the famous Costa Rica volcano. With Costa Rica hiking offers you get to enjoy views you cannot get elsewhere. Hiking through the Costa Rica jungle, where native Costa Rica birds will ring out their mating calls into the air, is only the start to a great adventure.

Perfection from Start to Finish

Feel of the mist from Costa Rica waterfalls as you take a kayak or canoe tour down the many rivers. When you’re tired, take a break for some Costa Rica snorkeling in the shallow waters nearby. End the day with a majestic panoramic view from the rainforest canopy or atop a local viewing point.

To make your way back down the mountain, enjoy zip lining in Costa Rica, making your way from one platform to the next, until you are back on your feet.


The Caribbean canopy and zip line tours leave you flying high among the tree tops across 2,500 meters of cable. With ten aerial platforms and twelve land based platforms, you can literally fly through the air getting a bird’s eye view of the jungle that otherwise only the animals enjoy.

Rappel all the way to the ground if you choose, or jump head first a la Superman, canyoning Costa Rica like a real life superhero. If you are feeling less adventurous, there is a cable car that will take you down among the trees.

Corcovado National Park Zipline

Corcovado National Park

When planning a trip to Costa Rica, Corcovado National Park is a great place to start. Visit the rainforest in Costa Rica with a trip to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve (in Guanacaste province) and seek out the three thousands types of plants and animals. Include a trip to Arenal Volcano National Park and La Fortuna.

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano used to be one of the most active in the country, and now you can hike up the mountain side and still see the streams of lava rocks where they erupted and slid downhill. At the base of the volcano you will find the beautiful town of La Fortuna, where fortune will be on your side in the local hot springs.

White Water Rafting

As you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, don’t forget white water rafting. Pacuare River is the best place for rafting in Costa Rica, flanked on all sides by steep green walls and waterfalls that cascade down the mountains. What’s more, the rainforest is located all around the five miles of rapids. Near the end, enjoy a 150 foot drop to the main river.

Unpredictable Sightss

With your customized Costa Rica private tours outdoor trips to places like Puna Uva give you the chance to kayak through cliffs and beautiful lagoons, around the forest and down the rivers. Colorful birds, river turtles, monkeys and more await you along your journey. As you watch them from the water they will watch you from the trees.

Using Costa Rica private tours, head to Tortuguero National Park is a world famous breeding ground where you can see a handful of turtles each year, in addition to West Indian manatees in the rivers and lagoons. Stop by the thermal mud pools at Los Teñederos Lagoon, located in Tenorio National Park.

Boat Tour