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Adventure Connections

Adventure Connections – a fun way to travel!

Looking for adventurous travel options how to get around in Costa Rica? With a little planning with Gecko Trail, you can turn a dull road trip into an exciting adventure from one exotic city to another! We’ve put together a set of high-activity tours called Adventure Connections. These day-long tours transport you from one city to another while also enjoying a fun activity, like white water rafting from San Jose to Arenal or horseback riding to Monteverde.Private_van_1

Why not spend a day whitewater rafting from San Jose to Puerto Viejo instead of sitting in a Costa Rica shuttle service for 3 to 6 hours? Some trips from A to B cover many miles, and your time would be better spent on a memorable excursion. These tours include unique transportation between multiple points in Costa Rica. They are an easy addition to your Costa Rica itinerary, and help you accomplish two goals at once: Getting around Costa Rica while also having fun! The adventures vary in intensity and activity level, so you should be able to find an excursion that works for the whole family.


Our Adventure Connections:

We’ll pick you up in one location in the morning, bring you on a day long adventure of mountain biking or hiking, then drop you off at another city or neighborhood at the end of the day. You’ll be picked up at your hotel of your choice in San José, Arenal area or the Caribbean Coast, spend a day packed with adventure, and then be dropped off at your hotel in your destination city full of memories from your day. Your luggage is always securely stored and transported by our Costa Rican private driver while you’re rafting down a raging river from San Jose to Bocas del Toro or riding horseback along the shores of a scenic lake, so you can relax and enjoy your adventure without worrying about your bags.

Gecko Trail Costa Rica is always looking for new options to make your trip from A to B more exciting and worthwhile. Whether it’s a two-day paddle ride from San Jose to Puerto Viejo or a crocodile boat ride from Arenal to Monteverde, we can accommodate to your interests and sense of adventure. We continuously strive to come up with new adventures that also get you around Costa Rica. This way we’ll make sure you’ll have a great time traveling, since you’ll be on fun excursions like rafting the Rio Balsa from San Jose to Jaco. Or you can tour a volcano by traveling from Liberia to La Fortuna! As you can see by the variety of adventures available, this is the best way make the most of your travel experience while also seeing multiple Costa Rican cities!

Many of these Adventure Connections are brought to you by our business partner Desafio, while others are operated by similarly established providers or even ourselves. Please find an overview of the Adventure Connection we currently offer. Click on the respective link in order to get more information on this particular trip, or book it for your specific dates!

Transport Planner

Our transport planner also contains our Adventure Connections, check out the route you wish to take and find out if there is an Adventure Connection available!