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Rent a Car in Costa Rica

Rent a car in Costa Rica

How to get around in Costa Rica on your own? It’s easy to rent a car in Costa Rica! Car rental is widely available, and small SUV vehicles are the most popular option. So if you prefer a rental car instead of using a shuttle service in Costa Rica, there is no problem.

Driving a Car in Costa Rica

Driving in Costa Rica can be very confusing, especially in cities, such as San Jose and the Central Valley in general. Between the cities, the signage is usually quite decent but be prepared for potholes and for possibly being stuck behind a truck on a winding mountain road once in awhile.

Car Rental in Costa Rica

Car rental in San Jose, Costa Rica, is no problem, as all major car rental companies have offices in San José, both at the airport and in the city. So, both a San José Costa Rica airport car rental or a car rental in Costa Rica in San José downtown is not a problem.

Car Rental in Other Areas

There are also car rental offices in other tourist areas throughout the country, such as Arenal, Jaco, Liberia, Tamarindo and so on, if you just need a car for a few days or you want to do a one-way rental. So, for example, a car rental in Liberia, Costa Rica, would not be a problem. Just contact us and we’ll help you out.

Please note that for drop off at another place, most car rental companies in Costa Rica request a minimum rent of 3 days.

Car Rental Rates

Car rental rates found online generally do not include insurance. Adding the necessary insurance can be very expensive but in Costa Rica it is mandatory, so bring proof of any insurance coverage you have and be prepared to argue with the car rental company if you want to decline any of their coverage. Please be also prepared that they will not accept the insurance of your credit card.

Adobe Rent a Car

Gecko Trail Costa Rica does work very closely with Adobe Rent a Car, as we have found their service and prices to be good and they have an office in the Caribbean (as well as in San Jose and Liberia airport and in many other tourist spots in Costa Rica). We also work with a variety of other agencies all throughout the country.

Please contact one of our travel agents directly and we will be happy to make a customized car rental arrangement for you with the agency that works out best for your needs.
You can either describe us your rental car wishes in an email or call us at 8724 9252 (from Costa Rica).