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Shared Shuttle

Shared Shuttle Services in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama

Traveling should be easy to organize, stress-free and comfortable. With that in mind, the shared shuttles provide a popular shuttle service for transportation in Costa Rica. It allows travelers to discover the country in a cost-effective way. Costa Rica shuttle reviews declare that a shuttle transfer in Costa Rica is the finest alternative available to the public transport.

Gecko Trail Costa Rica works with various reliable shuttle companies, allowing immediate, user-friendly booking through the transport planner below.

The shared Costa Rica shuttles are the most popular means of transport, providing an easy way for getting from one destination to another and for trips to all tourist attractions in the country. The shuttles in Costa Rica such as Liberia airport shuttle, San José shuttle, airport shuttle from San José, Tamarindo shuttle, Jaco to airport shuttle, etc. provide the service of picking you up and dropping you off at almost all hotels and airports in Costa Rica. This is very convenient for travelers as they can focus on the sightseeing and not on figuring out how to find a bus terminal.

This shared shuttle service throughout Costa Rica is provided by friendly drivers in modern and comfortable vans and minibuses, equipped with air-conditioners. They usually leave in the early morning hours, as well as in the afternoons. These services can be booked and paid online and in advance, which further saves you time.

Door-to-door shared Costa Rica shuttle services are available from Liberia to Tamarindo, Liberia to San José, San José to Arenal, San José to Jaco, San José to Monteverde, San José to Puerto Viejo, San José to Liberia, Liberia to La Fortuna, San José to Tamarindo, San José to Bocas del Toro, Monteverde to Manuel Antonio and for many more shuttle service routes in Costa Rica. For example, if you fly to Costa Rica and arrive during the day, you can take advantage of a shuttle service, such as the airport shuttle from San José, and start directly from one of the airports.

What are your options* for traveling from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio?

Use the private transportation option for the most comfortable and convenient option to transfer from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio. Vehicles generally used for this are vans good for 10 persons. But we recommend to use them for a maximum of 8 persons.

Use the shared shuttle from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio. Three different companies offer this connection. You will either travel in a van or a minibus.

* You can find and book these two options in above trip planner module.

Note that some shared Costa Rica shuttle service providers don’t pick you up in front of the airport, but at a restaurant next to it. These shuttles take you to your hotel or to any other place in the country.

For these two connections you need to do a short taxi ride away from the airport to the pickup point: San José airport to la Fortuna, San José airport to Manuel Antonio.

Is there a shared shuttle transport from San José to the Guanacaste province on your Costa Rica itinerary? We offer shared shuttles from San José to Liberia, San José to Tamarindo, San José to La Cruz and San José to Samara. All those destinations are located in the Guanacaste province.

By choosing shared shuttle transportation in Costa Rica, travelers receive excellent passenger service and spare themselves the hassle of navigating through the complicated and sometimes confusing road system in Costa Rica. As you can imagine, the shared shuttles in Costa Rica are not only affordable but also safe way to discover the main tourist sites.

Whether you need a Liberia to Tamarindo shuttle for Eco-tourism, or you need to go from San José to Arenal to visit the volcano with Tabacon Hot Springs, or you plan a trip from San José to Jaco for some of the finest surfing in the world, this shared transport service is your best choice. The same is valid for trips from San José to Monteverde forest reserve, and from Liberia to San José capital sightseeing attractions. The shuttle service for Costa Rica is also convenient for trips starting from San José to Puerto Viejo beaches and Salsa Brava – the most powerful surf wave in Costa Rica.

The shared shuttle bus companies in Costa Rica we work with operate with fully insured and certified vans and buses of recent models, that come in large or small coaches for the various travel needs. The drivers possess excellent driving records and are familiar with the entire country and its road system. They are also flexible and willing to stop for meals, restroom breaks and for photographs.

Once your vacation comes to an end, the comfortable shared shuttle transportation service in Costa Rica can take you back to any of the airports in Costa Rica, arriving on time for both the morning and the afternoon flight departures.

Can you think of a better way to end your holiday than by traveling comfortably and directly from the beach to the airport?

If you prefer your private driver in Costa Rica, this is available with us as well.