Your First Trip to Costa Rica

You’ve been waiting on your dream vacation to Costa Rica for quite some time. Your friends at Gecko Trail have already helped you create an awesome itinerary that is tailored to your vacation style and preferences. Now, your trip is getting closer and you are starting to stress about the details. What things do you need […]

Explore your wild side on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast!

Experience the ecological wonders of Costa Rica’s Atlantic Coast this summer and discover nature in its most pristine. From golden sand beaches to mighty rivers and towering rainforests, the opportunities for adventure are limitless. In Tortuguero National Park and neighboring Pacuare Nature Reserve, you can witness the age-old nesting ritual of giant Green, Leatherback, Carey, […]

Costa Rica’s President Elect Blazes New Trails through Unprecedented Measures

In the early morning hours of May 8, the tiny and seemingly insignificant Central American nation, Costa Rica, once again, captured the world’s attention and reminded all that grit and determination can forge an innovative road to a new modern era. Costa Rica’s President elect Bblazes new trails through unprecedented measures to build national unity, […]

Costa Rica Facts

It’s Monday morning and the snow is falling outside the office window. Your co-worker just returned home from their vacation to Costa Rica with a nice tan and a huge smile. She can’t stop talking about all of the amazing experiences she had. This isn’t the first time someone has raved to you about their […]

Gecko Trail: Our travel agency team talks about Costa Rica

You know we plan unforgettable trips. You know that our travel experts can customize almost anything for your visit to Costa Rica. You know we pride ourselves in our professionalism and innovation. You may even know that we are the experts on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica; a unique trait amongst travel agencies in […]

Discovering the Cahuita National Park

Since we are on the topic of introductions today, we are eager to announce that we have a new colleague here at Gecko Trail! We wish a warm welcome to Toni, who has joined our team of Travel Experts to help customize unforgettable vacations. Toni recently had the pleasure of experiencing one of our most […]