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Make a Payment to Gecko Trail Costa Rica

Have you previously corresponded with us regarding booking a tour, package, hotel or transportation and would now like to pay for it? Please use the payment link in your email to access our payment form.

Payment Policies

   Our tour, transport and hotel vendors require prepayment in order to hold space and resources for your booking so for individual tour and transport booking, we require full payment in advance of booking your tour. For near dated or last minute bookings, please check availability first as bank fees are not refundable in case there is no space on the service requested.

   Quotes received on the phone are not binding until confirmed in writing by one of our agents.

   Once your tour/transport is confirmed, we will email you a confirmation so you will be fully paid up on the day of your trip.

   If we are unable to accommodate you on your selected tour or transport, we will either do a refund for you or offer you an alternative at your discretion.

   For multi-day packages, we require a minimum 50% deposit before we start confirming hotels, tours, etc. Full payment must be received three to four weeks before the start of your tour.

   If you choose to pay with a credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) through our bank (Banco Nacional), the charge will be made in US dollars. However your bank may still add a “foreign transaction fee” onto your charge even if your credit card account is in US$.  However, we only charge in US$ unlike some other companies who quote the fee in dollars but then charge in Costa Rican colones at their exchange rate which is converted back by your bank at a different exchange rate (this can often cost you an additional 5-10%)

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Refund and Cancellation Policies

   Should your plans change and you are unable to make your tour/transport/hotel or need to make changes, we will work with the supplier to either accommodate you differently or refund your money.

   The client is also responsible for any fees charged by the vendor as they have committed resources to your booking and may have more restrictive policies. The more notice you give us, the more likely we will be able to reaccommodate you.

   Tours will depart daily regardless of weather unless conditions would make it unsafe so please be prepared for the possibility of rain.

   For tours within Costa Rica please always make sure to carry a copy of your valid passport and your last entry stamp with you. For day and multi-day trips that involve border-crossing you must carry your valid passport and a copy of it with you at all times. Border crossing fees may apply.

   Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are not refundable. Cancellations of single bookings with less than 7 days notice will incur a $15 cancellation fee (plus any bank or vendor charges).

   Cancellations of services crossing an international border always incur a $15 cancellation fee (plus any bank or vendor charges).

   All cancellations of multi-day package bookings will incur a minimum $25 cancellation fee, increasing with the amount of time we spent on your booking plus any bank or vendor charges, as these require substantial staff and planning time.

   Cancellations are subject to bank imposed fees which are generally $2 per transaction plus 3% to 5% of the amount. Or we will be happy to apply your payment to another service.

   Cancellations must be made in writing.

Security of your payments and information

   Our payment partners (Visa and Mastercard via Banco Nacional and Paypal) guarantee the security of your personal and credit card information.

   For payments made online through the payment links above, your credit card and/or banking informaiton is not stored or transmitted to Gecko Trail Costa Rica but is securely processed and stored by the payment provider who only passes on to Gecko Trail Costa Rica the result and amount of your payment.

   Gecko Trail Costa Rica is authorized by Visa, Mastercard and Banco Nacional to accept electronic transactions. For payments made by Visa or Mastercard through the Banco Nacional Pay By Credit Card button above, you can get added security by enrolling your card with Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode.

   Your personal information is collected only on our secure encrypted site which is guaranteed authentic and secure by Comodo