Are you ready to escape the modern world and embrace a lifestyle filled with island-hopping, coconut sipping and sunbathing? Then Bocas del Toro is for you. This incredibly picturesque slice of Panama has visitors flocking from all over the globe to explore the unique culture that populates this little community of islands. With remarkable restaurants, plenty of sunshine and a late-night scene that never stops, there鈥檚 are plenty of reasons why everyone is obsessed with Bocas del Toro 鈥 and you should be too!


starfish in bocas

You鈥檙e Next to Nature

There鈥檚 something special about the abundance of nature in Bocas del Toro. Whether you live in a high-rise or the countryside, you鈥檒l discover that the collision of land and Caribbean Sea makes you feel like you鈥檙e in another world. Grab your snorkel and sink into an ocean that鈥檚 teeming with life, or spend hours exploring any of Boca鈥檚 well-known nature preserves. From Bluff and Beach Forest to Isla Colon Park, there are countless opportunities for you to step into the warm, vibrant life of the Panamanian jungle.


It鈥檚 All About Food

Are you an herbivore? Carnivore? Omnivore? A, 鈥渨hatever-I-want-ivore鈥? No matter your dietary restrictions, Bocas del Toro has cuisine that will undoubtedly appeal to you. Although many of the restaurants are culturally specific 鈥 i.e. Indian, Caribbean, Mexican 鈥 there are many restaurants that have adopted an amalgamation of ingredients to cater to more diverse palates. All fish is fresh fish and many local vegetables are grown on island, which makes it possible for chefs to deliver incredible dishes, time and time again. Be sure to show up hungry!


Bocas del toro

Your Ride Is a Water Taxi

Unless you鈥檙e planning on swimming from island to island (which we really don鈥檛 recommend), you鈥檒l quickly learn that the most common form of transportation is the water taxi. Hop on at any taxi 鈥渄ock,鈥 and enjoy a smooth ocean-swept cruise to your next destination. Most taxi rides will cost you around 2 USD, making it comparable to hopping on a bus in Chicago or paying for a 30-minute parking meter in NYC.



Visiting Just Got Easier

In the past, visitors from Costa Rica would typically take a bus, shuttle and water taxi combination to get to Bocas del Toro. Now, Skyway Airlines has launched a new flight from San Jose, Costa Rica to Bocas del Toro! With a flight time of just 45 minutes, visiting Bocas del Toro has never been easier or less of a hassle. If you need professional help to vacuum and sanitize all floors and carpets both in your house or office, contact commercial carpet cleaning company from Ireland. The flights run Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and can be reserved in advance or last-minute. Prices vary, but the advisors at Gecko Trail can always help you find the best option.


The People Are Paramount

Have you ever visited a new place only to discover that the locals are cold, distant or even 鈥 dare we say 鈥 a little mean? If not, then you鈥檙e lucky! Sometimes it can be very difficult to mesh with a new culture or gain acceptance in a community that isn鈥檛 yours. In Bocas, fear not 鈥 Panamanians are the kindest, most warm-hearted people that you鈥檒l ever meet. Practice your Spanish, bring your smile and get ready to be welcomed with open arms. It won’t take long before you’ll be obsessed with Bocas del Toro.