Sure – you may have heard that Costa Rica is home to beautiful beaches, loving people and endless opportunities for adventure, but did you know that Costa Rica is also a world leader in the fight against global climate change? It’s true! Costa Rica has developed a strategy to completely decarbonize by 2050. Although it’s an expensive and arguably ambitious plan, Costa Ricans are dedicated to preserving the natural world by prioritizing the health and happiness of the people and animals that live in it.


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Costa Rica Decarbonized

The decarbonization plan for Costa Rica consists of ten points, including transportation, waste, agriculture, cattle, cargo and construction. It is divided into short-term goals (which will ideally be completed by 2022) and long-term goals (to be completed by 2050). The government hopes to build an electric cargo train in Limon, install fast-charge stations for cars and to utilize electric busses on public routes. If effective, Costa Rica’s decarbonization plan could pave the way for other countries to focus on a greener and brighter future.


Pioneer in Protection

On Thursday, September 26th, President Carlos Alvarado accepted the “Champions of the Earth” award from the United Nations on behalf of his administration and Costa Rica. The UN stated that Costa Rica “has been a pioneer in the protection of peace and nature.”

“This award is consistent with a legacy,” President Alvarado said. “It’s consistent with what the generations of my grandparents and my parents had created for Costa Rica: Bold decisions in the past that now show and demonstrate to the world that it’s possible to have more than 99% of costa rica awardelectricity that’s clean and renewable, to produce and make mobility, and also that it’s possible to reverse deforestation and other phenomena in the face of climate change.”

President Alvarado also made it a point to recognize all the people of Costa Rica, including indigenous communities, firefighters, scientists, park rangers and teachers. “We are all committed in Costa Rica to doing everything it takes,” he said.


Looking Towards the Future

In what seems to be a return to tradition and a simple way of life, communities across Costa Rica are taking action against climate change. From child education to community outreach, there are a myriad of ways that Ticos are taking President Alvarado’s words to heart. Bike-friendly cities are at an all-time high, and local and organic foods are available at weekly farmers markets. By abandoning single use plastics and leading healthier lives, residents are showing their dedication to fighting for a decarbonized Costa Rica.

You can help save the planet! On your next trip to Costa Rica, be sure to skip the taxi and prioritize shared vans or other forms of transportation. Not sure where to start? No worries. You can bike, walk, run, paddle and zip your way through Costa Rica in an eco-friendly way with the carefully researched tours at Gecko Trail. See you in the jungle!