If you’re looking for a truly authentic way to experience Costa Rica, there’s no better method than on foot! Whether you’re an avid hiker or simply tossing around the idea of trying something new, the Camino de Costa Rica will give you an in-depth look at the people, nature and topography of Costa Rica.


What is the Camino de Costa Rica?

camino de costa rica

The Camino de Costa Rica is a 16-day journey that stretches from either Parisma or Barra del Pacuare on the Caribbean Coast to the town of Quepos on the Pacific. Unlike many tours offered in Costa Rica, this one is one is to be accomplished entirely on foot – just like many of the other famous caminos around the world. The Camino de Costa Rica visits 19 villages,placing visitors in a unique position to observe Costa Rican culture and history.

For many adventurers, there is a purposeful and yet somehow spiritual element to hiking the Camino de Costa Rica. People often claim that they’re walking to search for meaning, reconnect with nature, learn more about themselves or even to grieve. Whatever it is that you’re searching for on the Camino, there’s a very good chance that you’ll find it somewhere in the depths of the jungle.


What can I expect?

camino in costa rica

It is recommended that visitors do not hike the Camino without the experience of a guide because of the length and varied terrain of the journey. The Camino de Costa Rica is composed primarily of rural roads, but there are also several portions that feature lush forest trails and natural landscapes. Throughout your travels you will explore authentic Costa Rican restaurants, flora, fauna, nightlife, art, stunning landscapes and everything in between! Each day will bring new challenges and experiences.

Rain is likely depending on the time of year, so proper rain equipment is a must. Sweat, tears and blisters are not uncommon, but the challenge of the Camino is also part of the beauty of the adventure! That being said, you are guaranteed to make unforgettable friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.


How fit do I need to be to complete the Camino?

camino costa rica

Two days of the Camino are recommended for “advanced” walkers, and three days are recommended for “intermediate” walkers. The rest of the trail is accessible to anyone that can walk 15 kilometers per day, and those with a relatively active fitness level should have no problem completing the trail in its entirety. Many visitors prepare for their Camino by spending a little time hiking with their packs prior to their journey. We suggest that everyone try out their shoes and break them in before hitting the trail!

If you’re ready to plan your trip to the Camino de Costa Rica, contact one of our experienced guides today. We’ll help you find the right time of year, the cheapest flights and the best way to jump into this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!