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We can help you plan every detail of your stay in Costa Rica or we can help you with just what the details you need. Do you mind if we ask you a few questions first so our travel planners have all the details?

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The following information is optional but the more you tell us about the kind of trip you'd like and the kind of traveler you are the sooner we can get to a great trip for you! So answer as much as you'd like below then scroll down to the bottom, enter the spam code and click Submit.

Where do you want to visit?

What parts of Costa Rica would you like to include on your trip?

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What do you want to do?

Which activities are on your Costa Rica to do list?

Whitewater rafting
Volcano viewing
Hot springs
Zipline/Canopy tours
Horseback riding
Jungle Hikes
Scuba diving
Wildlife viewing
Bird watching
Lying in a hammock/on the beach

More info about what you want to do:

What kind of traveler are you?

I prefer hotels which are:

Deluxe: with all the amenities
Moderate: comfortable and stylish
Budget: clean and a bed is all I need!

accomodation options are available from luxury properties to a hammock hotel

Do you prefer to have an
Air-Conditioned room?

Yes, whenever possible
No, I don't like A/C
Doesn't matter/Depends on place

What's your level of Adventure?

The Max: Ziplines, Rapelling, Whitewater Rapids, Surfing ... Bring it on!
Moderate: I'd like a mix of adventures and some calmer activities
Calm: Bird watching, nature walks

Zipline adventure flying through the jungle canopy

Preferred transportation method(s)*:

Shuttles which provide door to door service ($35-$45 per person)
Private transport with driver ($150-$250 per destination for up to 6 persons)
Public bus ($6-$10 per person)
Rental car ($50-$100 per day including insurance)
Domestic flights (small turboprops) where available ($60-$100 per person)

tourist shuttles provide convenient door to door service

*We are experts at arranging your trip in a way that maximizes your vacation time and budget by planning your trip in an efficient order and by using activities that provide transportation so you may find that renting a car isn't necessary but let us know which transport methods you're comfortable with.

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What's next?

We'll combine your preferences with our travel and Costa Rica expertise and come up with a proposed itinerary and package price for you including hotels, transportation, tours, Gecko Trail Costa Rica service charge and taxes. If you only already have part of your trip arranged or set and only want help with another part, that's great too, just be sure to let us know in the comments. From there we'll work together to modify the itinerary to make it a perfect fit for you!